Borneo Kratom

Our Borneo Kratom is an original product from the island  of Borneo (Indonesian: Kalimantan) and directly imported through us. We purchase our Kratom from families and vendors who either grow Kratom on plantations or own land where wild Kratom grows. During the production process the Kratom is solely being processed with stainless steel machinery. By importing the Kratom directly without intermediaries, we were able to establish long-lasting and fruitful business relationships with the local people, helping them to develop and prosper.

By visiting the production facilities on a regular basis and due to our close business relations with the operating families, we make sure that the Kratom suits our quality standards. In addition, we know exactly where our Kratom comes from and how it affects the local people, the environment and the economy; assuring that our Borneo Kratom has a consistently high quality.

We purchase our Borneo Kratom from the following regions:

  • Kapuas Hulu
  • Jongkong
  • Zentral Kalimantan
  • Samarinda region


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