Thai Kratom

What is 'Thai Maeng Da' or 'Thai Pimps'? "Thai Maeng Da (Thai Pimps)" is our own special blend of Kratom. We carefully created this by mixing together several different high-quality strains of Kratom in different ratios to get a special blend not available anywhere else.

Choosing top strains and mixing them counteracts natural inconsistencies within the individual kratom strains! We only use top quality Kratom in our blends. For a completely homogeneous product, check out our bigtrea Premium Kratom!

As Kratom was only just legalized in Thailand in 2021 and the Kratom trees need a certain maturity for harvesting, most Thai branded Kratom sold online does not yet originate from Thailand. We have already visited Thailand since the legalization and we are working on offering 100% original Thai Kratom as soon as possible. Until then, will continue to offer our favoured Thai Blends.

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