Kratom Ban Part 2

20.09.2021 16:02

Dear customers, dear interested parties,

As already pointed out in the last newsletter and in the last news on, a possible (worldwide!) kratom ban is just around the corner.

On the one hand it is really serious, on the other hand we are far from being without a chance! A lot is going on behind the scenes, and by far not just negative things. E.g. it comes in handy that Thailand completely legalized kratom a few weeks ago. In addition, the “good side” prepares a lot in the background.

Everything you need to know can be found on, it is best to save it and visit it again and again as you will be informed immediately about everything that happens there, or simply subscribe to the newsletter. Please spread the page.

Write a comment to the World Health Organization:

Comments can be written to the WHO until September 24th and we recommend this to anyone who has not done this yet. The more comments (well-written, good quality) the better. We ask you to leave a comment on why kratom should not be banned. 

The operator of the site ( will forward the comments directly to the WHO in good time and will be present at the conference in October. So please leave a comment by noon on September 24th at the latest, alternatively this is also possible on the website of the American Kratom Association. 

What we think will happen and what you should take care of...

We don't believe that it will be made easy for all of us and the WHO / UN on October 11-15th decides just not to ban it. We think it is most likely that we will have a turbulent year ahead of us before the final decision. We recommend anyone who really depends on kratom to keep supplies, but this is a general recommendation. We think it is absolutely unlikely that you will not be able to buy kratom in the next few months, so please do not panic buy. Get supplies ready, but don't fall into panic..

Thank you very much,

your Kratom.EU-Team

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