09.08.2021 12:01


Like every year there is a new, very serious attempt to prohibit you to use kratom. In the US, a process has been initiated to ban kratom worldwide through the UN / WHO.

Comments can be submitted until TODAY, August 9th (or August 10th until 5:59 CEST in the morning). The more comments (if positive) the better, the more comments from abroad the better. After all, it affects the whole world.

Please write a comment why it is nonsense to ban kratom, your own experiences or whatever you want to tell. Preferably in English, otherwise with the Google Translator and in case of doubt in your language. Objectivity and an appropriate tone are important! Verbal abuse or generally disrespectful language should be avoided because it is counterproductive. There is no special form in which your comment must be submitted!

You can send the whole thing with a few clicks (1 minute plus your writing time) to the appropriate place:

At “What is your comment about” you can select “individual consumer” or simply leave the field blank!
All that is needed is your comment and your email address if you want to submit your comment anonymously. For a non-anonymous comment (recommendation) only your name needs to be entered.

Anyone who credibly sends us a screenshot of the comment or forwards the confirmation of receipt by email will receive an individual 20% discount code from us by email. Please send screenshots or forwarded confirmation of receipt to Thank you for your participation.

Please distribute this independently (quickly), you have an interest in it….

your Kratom.EU team

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