bigtreaŽ Kratom

bigtrea products are distinguished by exceptionally high quality and innovation. In this category, we offer both extract products and high-quality kratom powder:

  • bigtrea Premium is made exclusively from the finest kratom strains with a focus on the main alkaloid, Mitragynin. The kratom is processed in large batches using a three-dimensional rotating mixer to ensure a uniform product, guaranteeing that there are no fluctuations in alkaloid content within the batch.
  • XRELEAF Kratom Extracts: Our full-spectrum kratom extracts with a guaranteed Mitragynin content are available in 10% and 20% Mitragynin concentrations. Recently, the XRELEAF portfolio was expanded with the liquid extract XRELEAF Liquid, boasting a Mitragynin content of 87mg/ml.
  • bigtrea Ultra Enhanced is the evolution of bigtrea Premium, combining its advantages with the benefits of our XRELEAF extracts. The result is a truly exquisite Enhanced Kratom product that is unparalleled.
  • KRAID brings a splash of color to the kratom landscape! It is a novel, fully soluble extract.

All bigtrea products are tested by an independent laboratory for alkaloid content and potential contaminants.

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