bigtrea® Premium: New testing methods and new prices

15.05.2024 14:07

More Precise Alkaloid Determination for All bigtrea Premium Products!

Bigtrea® has slightly adjusted the prices for premium kratom as part of a change in the testing method. However, this is not a price increase, as the price per gram of mitragynine has actually decreased in some cases! Here’s why:

Thanks to improved testing methods, the analysis laboratory can now better differentiate the individual alkaloids. As a result, structurally related molecules (in this case Paynantheine) are no longer interpreted as Mitragynine in the chromatogram. This means the Mitragynine content indicated by the analysis is determined more accurately.

Customers who have previously purchased bigtrea Premium Kratom and read the analysis certificate may have noticed the following passage at the end of the page:

This sentence is no longer written in the certificates, and the Mitragynine content is now indicated completely without including Paynantheine. As a result, all bigtrea Premium Kratoms now have an average of 16% higher actual Mitragynine content than before.

Despite the price adjustments in the shop, the price per gram of Mitragynine is now lower in some cases! Here is an example with bigtrea Premium 1.4% 100g:

Price per 100g Mitragynine Content Excluding Paynanthein Price/g Mitragynine
bigtrea Premium 1.4% 100g (previous) 29.90 approx. 1.2g 24.92
bigtrea Premium 1.4% 100g (new) 33.60 1.4g 24.00

Consequently, the price changes are not a marketing trick but due to a corrected technical inaccuracy in the analytics as part of continuous product improvement.

The core values of bigtrea products still include innovation, transparency, and traceability. Therefore, it has been decided to use the new testing method from now on, even if this means that kratom with higher Mitragynine content must be used for their production.

Feel free to give us feedback on your before-and-after experiences with your favorite strains!

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