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General Questions

How discreet/neutral are your shipments?

We ship your order in a plain manilla envelope or a brown cardboard box. Kratom is not mentioned.

How long do you need for answering emails?

Monday-Friday you can usually expect a same day answer, unless your email is received later than 15.00 or needs a complex reply.

Can I order larger quantities than offered in the shop? B2B?

Yes of course you can! If you own a Kratom business and are looking for a supplier, just contact us through the contact form or directly via email

Is Kratom legal?

We only ship Kratom to countries where it is currently legal, ofcourse laws change frequently and we keep ourselves as up to date as possible, we recommend you check the legality in your country before ordering with us.

Can my order be packed in smaller units?

We are sorry but no. Because of the high extra effort this would take, it is not possible. If you would like to get small units, please order them as offered in the shop.

I really like, how can I support you?

First of all thank you so much for the support! Besides buying at you could recommend us to friends or through the internet. You can also help us through rating our products or shop.

Can I get free Samples?

We do not offer free samples as we offer a large selection of sizes in our shop. Sizes start at 10g and we have a 10 euro minimum order (not including postage). Why not try one of our sample packs to get a feel for our products?

I donīt recieve any emails (order/payment/shipment confirmation). Why?

Please check your spam folder and if you cannot find it then please double check that the email address you provided us doesn't have any spelling mistakes. If you require further assistance after this then please write to if you made an account with us when you placed your order you can find information on your previous orders.

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We have been importing and supplying Kratom to our customers since 2012. We maintain close working relationships with our suppliers to ensure the best quality products. We are reliable and fair, have an issue? Write to us, we will always try to come up with a suitable solution. Because of our care and attention we are the biggest and most well known kratom supplier in the EU.
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