Discount Offers

On this site we offer regulary discounts to our customers.

Our latest offers are as followed.

  • 5% Discount for new customers

If you buy first time in our shop you get 5% discount on every strain and amount if your order value is 20€ and up! The 5% discount will become available automatically at the end of order process!

  • Discount coupons in the newsletter sends out newsletters regularly, besides the latest news around our shop it always contains of discount coupons or special offers for our newslettter subscribers.

  • Getting credit for rating our products

It is important to us that our customers get an objective view on our products. Therefore, customer ratings are important to us.

Every registered customer will get a 0,50€ reward for rating our products.

If you bought different products in our shop it is also possible to rate several of them. It is possible to rate five products per month.

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