How Kratom impacts people, environment and economy in Indonesia

When travelling through the area of Kapuas Hulu where our farm Kratom comes from, it is obvious that the people there have better economical situations than in other parts of Indonesia. There are new streets, solid houses and new bridges. The people are able to send their children to school and sometimes even to university.

Kratom leaves are also used as an alternative currency that can be traded on markets against important foods like rice or sugar. The crime rate in these areas has greatly decreased according to the residents and the police, as the people have a better economic situation and are able to support each other. For the locals Kratom is a blessing.

In the past the people from Kapuas Hulu worked for multinational corporations and grew palm oil and rubber on a large scale. The prices were dictated, and the people stayed really poor despite the hard work they put in.

Thanks to Kratom, the people are now able to negotiate the prices themselves and choose who they want to work with. Planting Kratom means that the cultivation of rubber and palm oil has decreased significantly. For the environment in Indonesia Kratom is a great alternative.

We are proud to contribute to that development through our work. You as customers of are also helping the local people and supporting the sustainable approach for the environment!

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