Farm vs. Wild Kratom

Wild Kratom

Our wild Kratom originates from mature trees which are settled in secluded jungle areas and reproduce naturally. Wild growing Kratom strains have relatively large, solid and thick dark green leaves.

We purchase our wild Kratom from the following regions:

  • East Kalimantan
  • Central Kalimantan
  • Aceh Region

Due to the natural environment, the great age of the trees and their leaves when harvested an especially high quality Kratom Powder is produced.





Our farm Kratom originates mainly from the regions Kapuas Hulu and Jongkong. It is planted on spacious fields for the purpose of being harvested. Farm Kratom has characteristically smaller and thinner leaves than wild Kratom, the leaves are also a brighter green.
We offer farm Kratom, as it can be as good as wild Kratom when it has been planted and processed professionally. If you would like to know more about that -> Manufacturing Kratom.

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