Please check our FAQs before contact us.
Please check your spam folder and if you cannot find it then please double check that the email address you provided us doesn't have any spelling mistakes. If the mail is not in the spamfolder and the address is correct then your mailbox is full and you have to delete some old mails or buy more space. After deleting some mails write to us and ask for a new mail/order confirmation.
No, sorry, that's not possible in the moment.
When your order is ready to be dispatched you will receive an email with a tracking number, please bear in mind that the tracking will not be activated immediately as we take all orders to the post office after 15.00.
There is nothing about Kratom printed on our packages. Except the shipping label there is nothing on the envelopes/packages itself. The sender printed on the label is a German company.

Contact Kratom.eu

Please look over the FAQ before sending an email.

Thank you very much!

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