New products: bigtrea Ultra Enhanced 6,0% and bigtrea Premium 1,6%

14.08.2023 13:50

We are very excited to present to you two new products from bigtrea: A new variant of bigtrea Premium Kratom with 1.6% Mitragynine content and an entirely new product, the bigtrea Ultra Enhanced Kratom with 6.0% Mitragynine content!

The new bigtrea Ultra Enhanced Kratom combines the advantages of two very successful bigtrea products: bigtrea Premium Kratom and bigtrea XRELEAF-Extract. As a result, a high-quality Enhanced Kratom with a guaranteed, very high Mitragynine content was created!

For the time being, bigtrea Ultra Enhanced 6.0% is only available in a 25g pack. However, we are working to also add 100g and 250g to our range.

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